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“Be true to whoever or whatever you are, wear it like a badge of honor. Fit in with one person and one person only, YOURSELF.”
– David Goggins

About Corrie Bignell!

I'm here to support your growth across your physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual dimensions.

So I've always taken the hard road. Always! I was a single mom at age 16, to a wonderful daughter who is now 29! I became a nurse in my late 20’s, and finally thought I had it all figured out. Good career, purchased my first home. I was set for life, or so I thought. Just after I purchased my home, I had Gabriel who completed my amazing, unique, wee family. Again I was on my own, just the three of us. It was tough, but I made it work the best I could. I tried to fit in, do all the “normal things” hockey mom, nice home, stable career, and worked tirelessly for my beloved pension that seemed decades in the future. I always prioritized fitness, I even achieved my goals of competing in figure competitions.  


Thankfully, my dedication to fitness kept me sane all those years and now it is my biggest asset! Little did I know I was living in the rat race which is also called 'The Matrix'.  It was killing me slowly. I was programmed to think this was how life was meant to be. Stressed, over worked, in debt, over consuming, living with toxins, with very little enjoyment. 

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In 2020 my world changed. I began to question things, my life, my career. What really was the meaning of life? In October 2021, the universe presented me with a gift. I explain it to being similar to Neo being offered the ‘Red or Blue’ pill in the Matrix. By choosing the red pill, where I could learn the life changing truth, or stick with the blue pill, which I would remain content in an ordinary reality. So I chose Truth! Which meant my nursing career would come to an abrupt end. Being a single mom, living very much pay cheque to pay cheque, there was no way I could afford to lose my career. Although many people could not understand the radical move I was about to make, I knew the universe had something so much better planned for me!  I felt the urgency in the pit of my stomach to sell my home, get out of debt and take my son to Nicaragua. While this is so easy for me to write,  it was the most painful period of my life. I left everything I knew to be ’normal’ and took the biggest leap of faith of my life. I had no idea what awaited us on the other side. I just had trust and faith. 

What was waiting for me in Nicaragua was nothing I could have ever dreamed of. Peace, freedom, sun and the ocean! I had never travelled anywhere before. Seeing the ocean for the first time was the most powerful view I had ever seen. The Ocean  has healed me. It made everything I had sacrificed worth it. I quickly realized at that moment, how I lived in Canada was not truly living. 

Since arriving to Nicaragua,  I have purchased a home minutes from the ocean.  I am DEBT FREE.  I have been grinding so hard on my physical mental, emotional, financial, spiritual health, so that I can help YOU! I want to be YOUR beacon of light. 

I truly believe that if I can change my life around as a single, broke mother & nurse, anyone can. I am not lucky, I have just out worked every single person, I took chances and listened to my intuition! I haven’t let the bad in this world knock me down. I have used my pain to motivate me, to drive me to level up, to become the most powerful version of myself.  

My journey hasn’t ended here. I still have so many more levels to reach, but now it is time for me to guide YOU, to help YOU find your TRUE POWER! 

corrie Bignell Self sabotage coach

The Unregistered Nurse

I am here to help you thrive in your life.

In January 2022, I made the decision to resign my nursing license. Traditional nursing does not align with me anymore.  I am venturing on a new path to ’nurse’  people back to their TRUE health. To awaken their bodies so they can step into their optimal  power, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, & spiritually. 

I am The Unregistered Nurse & Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach! 

Interested in Changing Your Life?

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