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Self Sabotage Coach
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Break free from self-sabotage!

My services will include, Self sabotage coaching, which can help in many different areas of a persons life. This method for overcoming self-sabotage is highly effective!

Are you struggling with.....

  • losing weight?

  • building better relationships with your loved ones and the people around you?

  • increasing your health and decreasing your disease state?

  • feeling inspired, empowered, and ready for change?

  • overcoming addiction?

  • becoming more confident, outgoing, happy, and satisfied in your life?

  • getting your finances together?

  • walking freely into a better way of living?

  • taking effective action on your dreams?

  • Seeing the toxin and indoctrination-based control grid that has always existed in front of you and preparing for an empowered life outside that control grid?

  • reconnecting with who you really are and rebuilding your intellectual, spiritual, physical, and financial strength?

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One-on-One Sessions

Embark on a transformative journey with me, Corrie Bignell, the Unregistered Nurse, through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions. Designed to break the cycle of self-sabotage, this intensive program includes a revealing questionnaire and impactful video sessions. In two concentrated Zoom calls, we'll address the root causes and provide proven solutions. Following our sessions, you'll receive a detailed summary and ongoing support. This approach yields positive results in weight loss, relationships, health, addiction recovery, and financial stability. To secure your spot pay in full or opt for a two-payment plan. Limited availability—begin with the questionnaire today. Payments via PayPal, e-transfer, or with a 5% crypto discount. Questions? Email me at or click the button below to reach out. Let's unlock your potential together!

In-Person Coaching

My option for YOU if you feel you need a wee bit more than online coaching! 


Come Live, Eat & Train with me for 7 days in Beautiful Nicaragua! 

Spend Seven Healthy days in Northern Nicaragua, with me as YOUR Personal Self Sabotage Coach & Fitness Trainer.

What's included in your stay?

  • Private accommodations at my tropical paradise home in Northern Nicaragua, minutes from the Pacific Ocean. 

  • Air conditioned suite, which is a must for optimal sleep! You will get into the routine of waking with the birds, and sleeping with the birds. 

  • WIFI, unlimited. 

  • Transportation to and from the Managua Airport.

  • All meals Farm to Fork, with private chef, organic if available, gluten free, will include meat, typically beef, chicken,  fresh fish, eggs, raw dairy, fresh fruits & vegetables

  • Daily hypnotherapy tailored to YOU. 

  • Your one on one self sabotage in person coaching sessions 1.5- 2hours, 2 scheduled sessions. 

  • Daily Exercise program suited for your physical level and ability. 

  • You will have ample free time to relax, rest, journal or if needed work online.

  • One hour  massage therapy treatment. In the comfort of your room. 

  • One Crystal healing treatment with the incredible Aryana Rayne. 

  • Temacal

  • We will focus on daily routines and habits, provide education to ensure you are successful once you return to your home.

  • An Abundance of SUN & OCEAN

  • One massage therapy - Temazcal ceremony, ancient healing ritual

  • Hugs! Everyone needs hugs. 

You are a unique beautiful person, therefore I will adapt the week around YOUI'm super excited to offer my home  to YOU as a place of health, healing and transformation! 

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Corrie Bignell Self Sabotage Coach

A Taste of What's to Come

A Taste of What's to Come

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