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OMG, I just did that?! How I am Manifesting the F out of my life!

I always believed in manifestation but I never fully knew the power that I actually had. I knew I could manifest some pretty terrible shit. My old self was a pro at always thinking the most negative thoughts. So

I tested the universe yesterday, and like always the universe did not disappoint!

I usually get a flood of ideas just before waking, when I'm half awake half asleep. Yesterday my thoughts were racing "I need to start speaking at live events" BOOM! Of course I do!!! As much as I used to hate public speaking, I really feel called to take my Become Unstoppable Course to the streets! I pictured me speaking in Ontario at studio gyms in front of 20 women, but then I thought, ok I'll start here, but I am done aiming low. Then I pictured myself speaking in front of hundreds, and thousands! It's happening!

Within moments of me fully waking, my dear friend Monica had replied to one of my IG stories, and then AH HA!! Monica has an amazing space in rural Ontario, Bright Souls Wellness Haven. Long story short, Monica and I will collaborate on June 23 Sabotage to Serenity, A journey of Breath & Breakthroughs Workshop.

And that my Lovelies, is the POWER

of Manifestation! Believe it and you're f*cking right you will achieve it!

Manifestation isn't just merely a mystical woo woo concept. It's actually grounded in principles of psychology and quantum physics. This is the kind of education we should actually be learning in school, but thats another topic for another blog!

Your thoughts and beliefs emit energy that interacts with the Universe, influencing the outcomes you experience. By focusing your thoughts on what you want to manifest and aligning your actions with those desires, YOU CAN CREATE a powerful ripple effect that draws your wishes closer to you!!


Think about what do you truly desire? You must first truly believe that you are deserving of it. Visualization techniques help to ingrain these intentions in your mind, allowing you to mentally rehearse achieving these goals and strengthening your belief that you will make it happen! Affirmations and positive self-talk further reinforce your alignment with your desires, replacing limiting beliefs with new empowering ones!

I will share my example of how I manifested passing a fire fighting test, that in reality I should have failed in March 2021. This series of tests to date have been the hardest thing I have ever done physically and mentally. I had failed this testing many times, however I knew this time I was going to pass! I believed it whole heartedly.

Unfortunately, a few days before my test date my dog Lily became very ill, and was palliative at home. I wasn't sleeping, barely eating as I was going through the worst heartache I had ever felt. I showed up to the test emotionally and physically drained, but I passed!! I passed because I had actually visualized on repeat everything I was going to do to pass. At the time I was a 43 year old woman, running on no sleep, barely any food, but yet I passed! Most men have a challenging time with the fire tests. I passed because I truly believed I was going to pass. In my mind I had already passed, I rehearsed it over and over in my head. There was no other option but to be successful!


You can't just sit back and wait for your desires to happen magically, it's about taking inspired action that moves you closer to your goals! Each step you take in alignment with your intentions strengthens your manifestation practice and accelerates the process

I trained like a mother f*cker for months preparing for my fire tests. I took action while practicing visualization at the same time. The universe favours hard ass work!


This is one of the greatest barriers to successful manifestation, limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained thoughts that create resistance blocking the flow of positive energy and interfering with your ability to manifest your desires. Through mindfulness you can identify and challenge these limiting beliefs and replace them with affirmations that support your dreams and goals!

At point during my fire fighting journey, I believed that I was too old to change careers from nursing to fire fighting. I also thought that as a woman, physically I had a disadvantage. It was only once I changed the limiting beliefs that I was able to move forward towards my goal of becoming a fire fighter. I worked through the limiting beliefs by journalling, reading affirmations, surrounding myself with women in the fire service who motivated me and by listening to David Goggins


When you start witnessing in real time that manifestation actually works it will be that AH-HA or FUCK YA moment!! You will begin to witness the transformational power manifestation holds. Doors that once seemed to be closed, suddenly swing wide open, like flood gates! Opportunities are endless, synchronicities align to guide you on your path. When there are obstacles and challenges, you will understand that they are there for a reason, you are able to go with the flow. Living a manifested life isn't always about perfection, it's about embracing the journey with faith and trust that YOU have the power to create the reality you truly desire!

The Power of Manifestation is a force that is inside of YOU, it's just waiting to be unleashed! You have to power to transform your life in ways you never thought possible. Embrace the journey of manifestation and watch as the universe conspires to fulfill your wildest, craziest dreams!

Keith always says "The Universe always conspires for us"

My manifestation for this week!


A Journey of Breath & Breakthroughs Workshop

Collaborating with Monica, Bright Souls, my soul sister.

Save the date!

Limited spots available

I hope you manifest the F out of this week!

Peace & Love


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