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Ready, Set, Launch! Become Unstoppable Digital Edition

Yesterday during the Content Creation Call with Karla Treadway, we were instructed to write out three goals for May. My top goal was to Create & Launch Become Unstoppable Digital Edition.

Before I knew it I was on a call with Jessica, Wishful Websites, brain storming ideas to launch my course. She is my magical web designer. For any of you who may need assistance with web design or social media, she is a rock star.

We determined that I had to create trailer videos and cover photos for each recorded class. Thankfully canva pro is my new best friend! I worked until 10pm which is about three hours past my bedtime. The creative juices were flowing so I had to keep working. By 3pm, boom, Become Unstoppable Digital Edition went LIVE!! I set a goal, took action and in super sonic speed I achieved my goal!

Full disclosure before December 2023 I had no idea how to even do a power point presentation. Everything I do for my business is a massive learning curve, and totally out of my comfort zone. . Like seriously guys, I barely knew how to use a Mac book. Unless it was computers at the hospital, I was not at all techy. I would have never thought in my wildest dreams I would be capable of the work I am happily sharing with you all today!

This blog is to announce the launch of Become Unstoppable Digital Edition, but also discuss the power of setting goals. By setting clear and achievable goals, you create a roadmap for success, motivating you to take action and overcome obstacles along the way! Goals provide clarity, focus and a sense of purpose, guiding you through a journey of growth! Goals help you realize your fullest potential and turn your dreams into reality. And I just literally saw this happen in one day!

Step to Step Guide on how Goal Setting!

  1. Identify Your Objective- what do you want to achieve? Be specific about what you aim to accomplish.

  2. Make your Goal Specific - ensure your goal is clear and well defined. Ill go back to my nursing charting memories, SMART criteria (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound)

  3. Break it down - Divide your goal into smaller tasks. This makes the goal less overwhelming and allows you to track progress effectively, and give you small wins that will quickly add up to big wins!

  4. Set a Deadline - Establish a realistic time frame for achieving your goals. Having a deadline creates a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused and motivated

  5. Write it down - There is power in putting pen to paper. Journalling is magical. Every time I write a goal in the journal, it usually comes to reality

  6. Develop a Plan - Create a step by step plan outlining actions you need to take to reach your goal.

  7. Stay Flexible - Be open to adjusting your plan as needed. Adaptability is key to staying on track towards your goal

  8. Stay Accountable - Share your goal with a friend or family member, or if you're really brave. post to social media. Provide regular updates

  9. Track your Progress - Keep track of your achievements and celebrate wins along the way! Tracking your progress helps you stay motivated and committed to reaching your goal

  10. Stay Persistent- Remember it may not always be easy, setbacks can be challenging however stay resilient and persevere through challenges and keeping your eye on the prize, what ever that may be.

I created Become Unstoppable for Beautiful Souls who are ready to step into their true power. I created Become Unstoppable to give Beautiful Souls HOPE (hold on pain ends) I created Become Unstoppable to share with the world how I Became Unstoppable. I am honoured to have you here reading my blog and taking interest in Become Unstoppable Digital Edition!

I hope you have a fantastic week creating goals for yourself! There is no better feeling than crushing goals!

Next Wednesday I return to Canada, which I am super excited about! There are still spots available for Sabotage to Serenity Workshop, I would love to see you there! Click here to register

Peace & Love


The Unregistered Nurse

Christoff Certified Self Sabotage

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