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Unveiling the 1% Women's Club! Are you in or ready to join?

Updated: Apr 19



1% of Women over the age of 40, are not only embracing but excelling in maintaining excellent physical shape! Contrary to common misconceptions, or what our social engineers have programmed us to believe, aging is NOT an excuse or a reason to become over weight, sick and weak. Do you believe that life after 40 is all down hill? This blog will change that belief!

Explore in today's blog, how life after 40 marks a new beginning, filled with health, wealth and happiness.

One percent of women over 4o are rewriting the narrative surrounding health, physical fitness & age!

Today I will introduce you to a group of inspiring women who are not just fit, but thriving in health and wealth well beyond the age of 40, 50 & 70!

I will divulge the secrets of our 1% Women's Club. I will provide suggestions and actions you can take to create a healthier you.

This blog will give you the inspiration, confidence and the motivation to leave the 99% of women and join our 1%!


One common trait among the 1% Women's Club is a resilient mindset. We approach fitness not as a temporary fix but as a lifelong commitment to our well-being. Our dedication goes beyond mere aesthetics, focusing on overall health and vitality. We are Strong in Mind, Body & Soul

How to shift into a Positive Powerful Mindset

Replace your evening glass of wine and The bachelor tv time (wine is not your friend ladies, neither is garbage tv, sorry it's all poison) with meditation or breath work. Replace Netflix with motivational speeches such as Lone Wolf Mentality Click Here. Being part of the 1% takes Lone Wolf Mentality! Create a vision board, include photos of women who inspire you, photos of what you want your body to look like, you will create the body you desire. How to make a Vision Board with Marissa Peer Click here Meditation, hypnotherapy, breath work, journalling, visualizations are all extremely beneficial for shifting your mindset, which causes a powerful ripple effect to the physical body.

Dr Laura Foster, age 54

"5 days a week I strength train in gym for 40-60 minutes. 2 x per week I practice yoga for 75 min and 3-4x per week I walk the beach for 45-60 min. These are my minimums."

Laura is a life and mindset coach, yogi, retreat leader and founder of Soul Inspired Gurl. Laura has a couple retreats coming up, I highly recommend connecting with her! Click here

I had the pleasure of speaking on the Soul Inspired Podcast. Listen here


From strength training and yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) dance, boxing, rowing, cycling, we embrace a variety of exercises. This diverse approach helps keep our "gains" (muscles) maintain interest, prevent burnout, and keeps our bodies adaptable.

Moving your body daily along with consistent strength training is crucial especially for women over 40. Strength train 4-5 days per week. Peloton App Free Guest Pass click here, it's an excellent app for beginners to advanced. Peloton has a variety of classes to suit everyone's interest. Full disclosure: they are woke AF

Replace your Netflix or screen time with body movement. Fun Fact, the most successful people in the world do NOT watch tv or Netflix! This is not a coincidence.

For a deeper dive into how harmful tv, movies & media actually are, register for my new BECOME UNSTOPPABLE 4 WEEK GROUP COACHING COURSE starts April 1, 2024 Click here

Marsha Lecour Age 72

Marsha Lacour, age 72

Marsha strength trains 4 x per week and also commits to 10,000 steps each day. Marsha has been alcohol free for 50 years and is caffeine free. Marsha says with confidence that she has Mastered her Mind, Mastered her Fork, Mastered her Habits, Mastered her Self Care. "I am in the zone" Marshas best friend is the Squat rack! If Marsha can do this at 72, so can you!


Achieving and maintaining good physical shape is not solely about the gym. Nutrition plays a pivotal role. We prioritize whole organic foods, hydration, and mindful eating to fuel our bodies for optimal performance. We limit alcohol, sugars, all processed foods, seed oils.

Where can you start?

Purchase meat, fruit and vegetables from your local farmer. Eat organic, as much as possible. Eliminate all seed oils. Limit gluten. Reduce and work toward eliminating all alcohol and caffeine products. Alcohol and caffeine are toxins, although not a popular opinion, these toxins are responsible for weight gain, hormone changes, damage to your prefrontal cortex and cellulite. Attached is an excellent resource for nutrition. Animal based guide by Heart & Soils

Sonya Martin age 44

Mom of five! "Being fit and healthy is a priority for me and I hope and pray that our children will embrace it one day too! I feel better than I have in years. I have to manage the peri and menopausal symptoms, but because I am aware of my body, I know when something is off"

Sonya is a Stress Reduced Fat Loss TM Practitioner. Connect with her here!


Whether through local fitness groups, online forums, or social media, we share experiences, tips, and encouragement. This also supports accountability and motivation.

The saying is true, Hang around 5 smokers and you will be the 6th. Guess what happens when you hang around 5 fit people?! You to become the 6th!

Purge negative content and negative people aka energy vampires that suck your time and energy. Mute or unfollow anyone that does not align with your new healthy lifestyle. Start following accounts that are part of 1% Fit Women's club. Listen and watch only positive motivational content Watch here Replace your Netflix time with body movement, breath work or meditation. Yes, I am repeating myself on purpose!

If you are reading this before April 1, 2024, you can join my new tribe at BECOME UNSTOPPABLE 4 Week Group Coaching Course. Register here

Rachel Maurice MD age 52

Moves daily for 30-60 min which includes walking, hiking or biking, and lift weights 3-4 times per week for 20 min. Rachel lives in alignment with light and dark cycles.

"I fuel my body & mind with food sunshine, clean water, meditation and connecting to the earth directly for its abundant energy reserves"

Connect with Rachel Click here


Instead of viewing aging as a hindrance, we see it as an opportunity for growth. We understand that with age comes wisdom, resilience, and an enhanced appreciation for the importance of self-care.

It is not selfish to take care of yourself, to love yourself, to prioritize your health, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Liliane Morel Age 53

Liliane Morel age 53

"How I stay fit as a 53 yr old young woman?

4km walk every morning, in the winter I snow shoe. Then 45min Body & Bell class, and finish off with cold plunge in my pond! Eating what we raise & grow, seldom shop at the grocery store. I have never been a coffee drinker and I quit alcohol New Years 2024. I always tell my adult girls that I am going to be around untill at least 100, a healthy one too!"

Find Liliane on Instagram here


You will notice consistency is the pattern in every women featured in this blog! It's not always grand gestures but the small daily rituals that accumulate into significant achievements and results.

For example, I believe that every successful journey begins with the first steps of a new day. For me, it's the simple act of making my bed, a ritual that signals the start of a day devoted to consistency.

"How you do anything is how you do everything"

I make my bed daily before any other tasks, I make it with precision, pillows fluffed equally, no creases or wrinkles, linens straight, House & Homes ready. The same way I tend to my bed is the same way I tend to all my daily tasks, my workouts, my family and my clients and my business.

Beth Blackmore age 47

"Since 2019, I’ve been on a path of awakening, self discovery and growth. Focusing on nutrition, physical health, mindset and overall well-being, I successfully shed 60lbs and I’m proud to say I’m the healthiest I’ve been in my life!

I went from being a carb addict, stuffing down my feelings with food, to nourishing and caring for my body - using food as a fuel source. I have established many healthy habits over the last 5 years including daily nature walks, gratitude journaling, hypnotherapy, lifting heavy and focusing my meals around protein and healthy fats." Connect with Beth here

Remember that in consistency lies the true power to transform dreams into lasting success.

The narrative that only 1% of women over 40 are in good physical shape is rapidly evolving. Through determination, varied fitness approaches, nutritional mindfulness, our Tribe support, and a positive perspective on aging, WE, the 1% are proving that age is NO barrier to achieving and maintaining excellent physical health.

We are not just defying stereotypes and our programming; we are becoming trailblazers in the realm of health and wellness!

Andrea Dupuis Age 45

Andrea Dupuis age 45

"I lift 4-5 days per week. I love to sprinkle in spin & dance in between to keep happy hormones flowing. I never underestimate the power of a good walk. My motivation is to enjoy life at its fullest by honouring my God given temple." You can follow Andrea on Instagram here

Elisa Kurylowicz age 42

Elisa is a world champion skier who loves hiking, walking and embracing the outdoors! She also strength trains 2-4 times per week. Her commitment to consistent outdoor activities, strength training and an active lifestyle is a compelling example of how staying consistent can lead to lasting fitness and well being! Elisa also introduced me to movement meditation! Its a Game changer! Connect with Elisa here

Andrea Robichaud Age 41

Andrea Robichaud Age 41

"Once you take over your health, you claim the power to do something about it! Do not be misled into thinking that your current or future state of health is out of your hands. I USED to believe that I needed to do cardio to lose weight, the birth contorl pill was good to regulate my cycle, and counting calories was a sure way to be healthy. None of these are true. Unlearning everything I thought I knew about health and uncovering what it truly means to be healthy has transformed my entire life!? Follow Andrea on instagram here

Vivian Bignell aka My Mom Age 66

Vivian Bignell age 66

aka Fast Viv and my Mom. My Mom loves cycling, hiking, walking and early morning stretches. My mom certainly does not live like most women her age nor does she look like women her age! I think it is pretty obvious where I get my programming from! She is a remarkable example of aging with grace and vitality! Keep it up Mom!

As we celebrate each of these incredible women, and honour every woman in the 1% Fit Women's Club, breaking barriers, it's a reminder that EVERYONE, regardless of age, has the potential to redefine their relationship with fitness and embrace a healthier, more vibrant life.

Are you now ready to stand out as part of the 1% of FIERCE, FIT women over 40? Embrace your strength, it's in you! Join us! We welcome you with open strong arms!!

BECOME UNSTOPPABLE 4 WEEK GROUP COACHING COURSE will kick start your health and fitness journey!

Starts April 1, 2024. Connect with me today!

Peace & Love

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