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Why you need to jump on the 'No Alcohol' bandwagon!

After 40 years of research, the science is now crystal clear. There is ZERO amount of alcohol that is good for you! -James Swanwick

I have been alcohol free since NYE 2023. I had one beer that afternoon. Entering 2024 I wanted to be free of toxins. As a Christoff Certified Coach, it's super important to me to lead by example, hoping that I might inspire others to make positive powerful life changes.

Summer of 2023, I cut down drinking to no more than one beer per day. I gave up wine in 2022 when my body literally rejected it. As I have said before, my body speaks to me now and I am able to listen to it now.

So yes, I am now that girl that quits a bad habit and encourages everyone else to follow my lead.

This blog will provide you information that might help sway your decision to quit alcohol for good! And join the Alcohol Free Tribe! Follow James Swanwick on IG or Twitter to see just how big our tribe is!

The Ugly Truths about Alcohol

Alcohol is the oldest and most widely used drug in the world. Millions of people consume alcohol

each day without even knowing the dangers it has on their physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial health.

Alcohol kills 3 million people world wide every year and is the most dangerous drug in the entire world

Alcohol causes brain damage. And YES, even in small to moderate doses.

Alcohol is water and fat soluble. Which means, alcohol passes into ALL cells of the body very easily.

Alcohol is a Toxic Poison. It creates substantial damage and stress to ALL cells.

Alcohol damages the Prefrontal Cortex. The Prefrontal Cortex plays a central role in decision making. The damage is not only in individuals who are alcoholics but rather with every drink. For example, think about the magical hour when every one suddenly has the courage to dance at a wedding. Or remember the term "Liquid Courage" Alcohol disrupts your inhibitions. It makes you act and say things that you might not normally say or do while sober.

Alcohol reduces Brain cell production in the Hippocampus, the area that provides the self control necessary to stop drinking. However, after a period of abstinence, one week or so, new cell production begins again, this is great news!

Alcohol is proven to decrease your frequency or vibration. "The Alarming Effects of Alcohol at a Spiritual level" Click here is an excellent video.

Alcohol affects your mental and emotional health. A person may feel relaxed, less anxious, and more confident after one or two drinks, but these effects quickly wear off. The chemical changes in your brain can soon lead to more negative feelings such as anger, depression or anxiety regardless of your mood.

Alcohol causes weight gain. So yes ladies, that glass of Wine was never your friend and will never be your friend!

Alcohol may affect hormones that control appetite, hunger, and stress. Alcohol is high in calories and is likely to increase cellulite, abdominal fat, while stoping your body from burning fat. Not to mention, alcohol can make you feel lazy and unmotivated.

And for the fellas reading, alcohol lowers testosterone, reduces libido. Alcohol can also give you man boobs. Think about that next time you're drinking beer with your bros.

Alcohol costs you more than your bill at the liquor store. On average a moderate drinker spends $2-$3k per year on alcohol, not mentioning the cost of health care bills that may arise from becoming sick due to drinking.

The powers that be aka your government have done a fantastic job of normalizing drinking. Which is all by design. The more the population consumes alcohol, the more their brains are not functioning optimally. This leads to poor decision making, lack of motivation, lack of financial strength etc.

Have you questioned why the powers that be, left the liquor & beer stores open during the "pandemic" but closed Gyms?? They certainly didn't have your health or safety in mind. The plan was to keep everyone sedated so that no one would question what was actually happening. A healthy individual is harder to govern and rule. Which is why it's so important more than ever to gain your physical strength back.

What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #86, is an amazing podcast that provides detailed information on the effects of alcohol. Click here

Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

  • improved sleep

  • increased motivation

  • improved mental clarity

  • improved blood pressure

  • healthier eating patterns, less snacking, craving healthy foods

  • improved relationships

  • improved work ethic

  • increased energy for exercise

  • extra money to spend on health & fitness

  • better looking skin

  • improved liver health

  • better kidney function

  • increased sex drive

  • increased testosterone (men)

  • decreased anxiety

  • improved mood

  • more hydrated

  • blood sugar stabilization

  • weight loss

  • improved confidence

"Life without alcohol is not about what you are losing, it's about what you are gaining. Better sleep, improved clarity, looking better, stronger relationships, feeling better, increased productivity" - James Swanwick

If you are ready to gain your physical strength back, to find your true power, connect with me today!

You are invited to attend my Free Live Zoom Event February 12, 2024 at 5pm EST Click the contact page to register.

Peace & Love

Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach


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