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Become Unstoppable 4 Week Coaching Course

Struggling to reach your goals alone? Feel like you are on a vicious cycle of try and fail? It's time to break free from the self sabotage cycle and step into your true power to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!

My new 4 week group coaching course is designed to guide you on your journey of growth and empowerment. If you are ready to overcome self sabotage, embrace powerful, positive change, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Course Overview

Week 1: Understanding the Power of you Subconscious Mind. We will explore how societal conditioning and subconscious programming shape our perceptions and actions. Learn practical techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind for success, abundance and fulfillment.

Week 2: The Power of Physical Strength. Discover the profound impact that regular exercise can have on your physical and mental health including increased energy, and enhanced mood regulation.

Week 3: The Power of Food. We will explore the impact of food choices. Gain insight into how dietary choices can either fuel or hinder our physical and mental performance affecting everything from mood and cognition to energy levels and immune function. Identifying common toxic chemicals and how they affect our health.

Week 4: Become Rich as F*ck. Understanding how the media, tv, movies play a significant role in shaping our attitudes, beliefs, behaviours towards money and wealth. Exposing how our social engineers have programmed each of us to remain poor.

After each session I invite you to participate in an engaging Q and A. This is an opportunity to clarify any questions, share insights and connect with the other amazing participants, Our new healthy, wealthy tribe!

Are you ready to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE along side other beautiful souls? Join US!

Register today!

Starts April 1 2024

Energy Exchange $222

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1 Comment

Apr 29

The Becoming unstoppable course is just what I needed to keep momentum going. Corrie provided invaluable information and delivered in a way that was easy to understand and implement. The info that was provided in her emails after each session was amazing to refer back to. The motivational films were the best. She is an inspiration with lots of fire and grit. Its life changing and a must in todays world!

❤️ Maria

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