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How to create the life you truly desire with a Vision Board!

To create the future that you truly desire, your subconscious needs to see and hear exactly what you want on repeat. It's that simple!

A Vision Board is the perfect tool to hack into your subconscious mind. This works like magic. It's not woo woo sh*t either!

How to make a vision board?

You can make an old school vision board, if you happen to have magazines lying around your home. Which currently, I do not. In fact, I do not know if magazines exist here in Nicaragua. I'll share a modern day option as well.

Step One: Gather pictures of the body you want, things you want, people or places you want in your life.

For example, if you want to travel to Paris, find pictures of Paris. If you want a healthy fit body, find a picture of the body type you wish to have.

Step Two: Apply your pictures to a bulletin board, or magnetic board. In any order you please.

Step Three: Write phrases on each picture "I have a life full of love and abundance" "I am strong and healthy"

Electronic options available on Canva, or Pinterest. Follow steps 1-3

Use as your Vision Board for your computer or mobile wall paper. Print your Vision Board, and put around your home, fridge, desk, bathroom etc.

Look at your board every day, read the phrases out loud. The more repetition, the better your results will be.

My Vision Board 2024 is featured above. I really want to travel to the UK, I want my business to be successful which includes coaching amazing clients. I've added a photo of abs that I aspire to have. I have included a pool from my favourite hotel in Granada. I want to renovate my pool to look the similar. When I get married, my future husband will be wearing a kilt for our wedding. My husband and I will spend summer nights by a lake. And lastly, I will an abundance of amazing friends in my life. (which I already do) I also will have an abundance of wealth.

I made my Vision Board on Canva. They have templates that make it quick, easy and so fun to do!

Fun Fact: 82% of businesses that use Vision Boards, within one year, 50% of what was on the Vision Board had come true. That is incredible odds! Do not hesitate, start now!

A Vision Board WILL change your life. Remember to look at your Vision Board everyday, read it everyday.

"What you want, Wants you!

What the mind sees it moves towards!

If you can see it, you can achieve it!" Marissa Peers

Peace & Love

Your Self Sabotage Coach


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