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Why I broke up with Caffeine?

Updated: Jan 24

I broke up with caffeine this past summer.

Once I learned caffeine may cause cellulite & weight gain, it was a pretty easy quit for me. My caffeine drink of choice was earl grey tea, 3 per day. I would only drink coffee (lattes)at Starbucks or local coffee shops, with non fat milk. Which makes me laugh now. I not only quit caffeine, I also will not drink milk that is pasteurized especially non fat. That is a topic for another blog.

I vividly remember having cellulite on my legs in grade 9. I was eating pizza at New Orleans Pizza, wearing shorts when I noticed the orange peel, dimpled flesh. I was maybe 110lbs. Although I was not obviously over weight, my main source of nutrition was KFC fries with gravy, hamburgers from the cafeteria, grilled cheese, and Diet Coke while on lunch break or skipping school. I was rebelling. I finally had freedom being away from my chaotic family country home (old school house) near Dorking. We were not allowed to eat the "cool cereal" or fast food like the other kids. My mother gave out apples, pencils & bibles for halloween. You get the picture!

We were poor, but also my mother and father always tried to feed us good food, nothing processed as it was more expensive. Back then it was cheaper to purchase the healthier, more nutritious food. Wow what a difference in today's world!

But interesting coincidence in the timing of my first cellulite spotting. Looking back now, I would say 100% it was from the diet change. A rebellious 14 year old, loading up on all the shit food I could find every day. Finally eating like the cool kids and spending my hard earned babysitting money on fast food.

I will cover Coffee, Caffeine and Obesogens in this blog. Both are a huge part of our societies health decline. The information you are about to read is why I do not love caffeine anymore, and why I had to break up with the lattes I thought I loved so much!

Coffee & Caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. In North America, more than 80 per cent of adults regularly consume caffeine. Caffeine Blues, Wake up to the Hidden Dangers of Americas no 1 Drug is an excellent resource, Amazon Link

Caffeine is an alkaloid that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs, which eat its’ seeds. The coffee plant also uses caffeine in the coffee pods to kill surrounding plants, so the coffee plant can attain more sunlight and grow larger. Caffeine is a pesticide, which causes genetic termination in living cells that come into contact with it. So does this sound like we should be consuming this drug multiple times per day? And especially giving it to our children in forms of soda, energy drinks etc? Jason Christoff has an amazing article "Little known facts about Coffee" to read a list of side effects caffeine has on the human body.

I am aware that this is a very unpopular opinion. But yes ladies, coffee DOES cause fat gain and cellulite! It triggers the body’s flight or fight system (which any poison or threat does), eventually changes the body’s primary fuel source requirement to one of fat. When the body is threatened, it prefers fat as its’ primary fuel source, over sugar or protein. Constant activation of the body’s fight or flight system (via the daily ingestion of caffeine poison) aids in a metabolic shift to fat storage and fat conservation, because again the body prefers fat as a fuel source when fighting any toxic intruder….. because fat contains 9 calories per gram for the fight, as oppsed to 4 calories per gram housed by sugar and protein. Welcome to the land of coffee (caffeine) induced fat gain, weight gain and cellulite. Sorry girls but the grande pumpkin spiced latte was never your friend.


"Obesogens are chemicals that disrupt the body's normal controls in such a way as to promote adipogenesis, and lipid accumulation. They are chemicals to which individuals are exposed to on an almost CONTINUOUS basis, in the foods and beverages they consume, and the personal care products they use"

SHOCKING NEWS!! See picture below!

Obesogens are literally everywhere, even in some of our clothing.

Obesogens increase fat cells, block fat burning, they may also affect your hypothalamus which is your part of the brain that controls your appetite. In short, the obesogens can trigger you to compulsively eat non stop even if you are not hungry. You will see evidence of this at any Costco food court.

Obesogens also mimic estrogen, so for the men reading this, obesogens can lead you to gynecomastia aka man boobs, decrease sperm count, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, decreased libido, depression, loss of energy, decrease in muscle mass and decreasing testosterone.

In women, weight gain, especially around the hips and waist, heavy periods, , fibroids in uterus, hair loss, breast lumps, low sex drive, low mood, anxiety & depression, fertility issues.

How do you avoid these chemicals if they are literally everywhere?

While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid obesogens altogether, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce your exposure, including,

  • decrease your caffeine intake or avoid completely. There are many healthier alternatives for coffee such as MUD\WTR

  • eliminate fast food & processed foods

  • take out cups, bring your own stainless steel or glass

  • opting for organic foods such as fruits, vegetables when possible

  • consuming cruciferous vegetables, probiotics, sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables will help remove some of these harmful chemicals.

  • minimizing the use of EDC-containing cosmetics and personal care products by choosing organic options

  • preferring stainless steel, or glass containers over plastic ones for foods and beverages

  • avoiding heating foods in plastic containers, I would encourage you to NOT to use a microwave ever.

  • if using plastic containers, opt for ones featuring the BPA-free and phthalate-free labels

  • eating a well balanced diet, eliminating processed food, gluten & refined sugars, organic if possible. Get to know your local farmers

  • daily body movement, exercise

  • engage with nature, sun, earth & water, walk barefoot, cold plunge, grounding. Nature heals

  • meditation daily

You do not have to do radical changes over night. The process to detoxing and changing your daily habits takes time. Baby step girl, Baby steps! Slow & steady!

"You cannot change your destination overnight, but YOU can change your direction overnight" -Jim Rohn

Peace & Love

Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach

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