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"Enlightened, Authentic , Generous!"

"Enlightened, authentic , generous, and enthusiastic are just  a few words I would use to describe my coach, Corrie Bignell. I had the honor and great fortune to be her very first client. She delivers her services "big" time, Corrie doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. No, actually, she runs the walk! The program she offers to overcome self sabotage is like no other. You will overcome problems you never even knew were problems.

Don't delay! Don't self sabotage any longer. Invest in yourself.

Corrie Bignell will change your life, for life!"

-Client Maureen P. San Diego, USA

The biggest HIGH FIVE for Maureen! She was an incredible first client!! I am so excited to see how she levels up in the next few months to year! It was my absolute pleasure to coach her. I also have no doubt that she may find herself travelling to Nicaragua in the near future!!

My coaching program is quite unique. This intensive program includes a revealing questionnaire and impactful video sessions. In two concentrated Zoom calls, we'll address the root causes and provide proven solutions. Following our sessions, you'll receive a detailed summary and ongoing support. I am more than confident that your life will change dramatically in our short time together! It is YOU that will make the positive powerful life changes. It is my job, as your Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach, to provide guidance, education and the tools necessary to break free of Self Sabotage patterns!

I have limited spaces available for January 2024 and booking into February 2024.

Connect with me today to start your healing journey!!

Peace & Love

Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach

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