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Got Cellulite?

Got Cellulite?

My question is. Is being overweight and having cellulite normal?

Or is it "The Norm?"

Society has done an incredible job of normalizing obesity and dimpled flesh on thighs, hips and bellies.. They have rewarded popular influencers for dancing around in their knickers, letting it all hang out while jiggling in front of the camera. Giving them a massive following, and an abundance of sponsors/endorsements. Not to mention has anyone noticed the sizes of mannequins and models have changed? Why is this?? There are many reasons but I'll discuss the programming in this blog.

You may argue that seeing photos of women that look "normal" in today's society, makes you feel better about yourself. It may even give you the confidence to wear that wee bikini to the beach or the little black dress that has been in your closet for years as you have been too embarrassed to wear it. But what if seeing these photos on repeat is actually keeping you unhealthy, keeping you overweight? What if the constant repetition is actually causing your health harm instead of benefiting your body physically, emotional & mentally?

The power of our subconscious mind is profound! Here is the quick and dirty on how our subconscious mind works. The more you look at these overweight, dimpled women, the more your subconscious will ensure you look exactly like them. It is also same scenario for your friend group. Jim Rohn states " We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with." If you have five over weight friends that you spend loads of time with, chances of you becoming or staying over weight is very high.

Your subconscious mind is always looking to keep you safe, to keep you equal and the same as your tribe.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe" This statement could not be more accurate. Keeping you safe in the tribe, means thinking, doing and behaving exactly like the other tribesman's. Your subconscious is not capable of distinguishing between REAL or what is in pictures, movies, tv and the media. Which means, when you see photos of overweight women over and over again, your subconscious automatically tries to make you part of that tribe for fear that if you aren't exactly like them, the tribe will banish you. Which actually does happen in real life believe it or not.

Let me share a beautiful story of my friend Betty, and how she found the strength to leave her tribe.

Betty, mom of two. Devoted nurse of 18years. Like most nurses lost herself in her job, giving to everyone else but herself.. Betty gained a ton of weight, drank the "kool aid" 3 times over. Betty was a devoted big Pharma tribesman. Betty played along to get along. She avoided alcohol, but she was a chronic coffee drinker, smoked cigarettes at times & smoked weed. Betty was in the fat/ big Pharma tribe. She felt safe in her tribe, until she started to have major complications due to medications she wholeheartedly believed in. Betty was full of inflammation, began to have reproductive issues, went for a total hysterectomy at a very young age, but flat lined on the OR table. Needless to say Betty woke up quickly and started to realize that the fat/Pharma tribe was literally killing her.

Thankfully Betty knew other tribes that were healthier & happier, although not a big tribe, they welcomed her with open arms. Betty started exercising, losing weight, gaining muscle strength and grew the confidence to finally say Peace out to the Fat tribe and join the Happy Healthy Tribe.

Now, here is the kicker. Shouldn't Bettys old tribe be happy for her? She is after all so much healthier and happier? Sadly this isnt the case. Bettys old tribe bullied her, talked behind her back, tried to pull her back to their sick and unhealthy tribe. This is similar behaviour to the one crab in the crab bucket that is just about to break free and escape death. The crabs at the bottom literally pull her back down to join them, usually to their death. aka Crab Mentality. Humans are no different. Sadly the last four years have shown us this in real time.

My job as your coach is to educate you on the psychology on why you 'think' you are happy being overweight and unhealthy. To help you fully understand that it's programming from the tv, movies media etc. It's literally that simple.

There is nothing wrong with you at all!

So the good news is, it's not YOUR fault. The repetitive content that is being hammered into your subconscious mind is to blame. The other refreshing news is, that if you were to change to the content of what you watch, listen to or read, your body will have no other choice but to respond in such a profound, powerful, positive way. Yes, this means that YOU can change! There is so much hope for YOU! Will it take work? YES! Will it be worth it? ABSOL- FREAKING-LUTELY!! With a reprogrammed subconscious you will be able to achieve anything. I strongly believe in this! I too, had to reprogram. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself!

"If you believe it, you can achieve it. What you want, wants you!" Marissa Peers

Come join the Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Abundant Tribe. We welcome you with open arms! And speaking of letting it all hang out, jiggling fat while wearing Knickers, I'll leave you with a Swayze/Farley gif, may they both rest in peace, Karla Treadway had posted this last week and triggered some serious Swayze old crush, hungry eyes, feelings.

Next Blog, I'll deep dive into toxins that may be

causing your cellulite. I'll help you baby step your way to health!

I have one coaching spot left in January, and booking into February & March.

Peace and Love

Christoff Certified Self Sabotage Coach

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