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How I found Peace, became Fit & Fabulous in my 40's!

I struggled and hated turning 40. I was working out daily, prepping for fire fighter testing, but my body looked bulky, strong but bulky. I was eating decent, or so I thought at the time. I was working 12 hour shift work, days and nights. I worked 4 shifts on with 5 days off. Although this sounds like a dream on paper, working shift work was killing me, especially if I picked up over time. Living pay to pay cheque, I was always trying to work more to make more. When I wasn't racing to work, I was racing Gabriel around, who played rep sports. I loved watching him play sports but it was a full time job in itself. I could never slow down. Always on the go, eating on the go, eating take out, and always drinking Starbucks Cold brews.

Looking back on my life now, I was miserable. Trying to survive, trying to keep my head above water, but on the brink of sinking. Funny thing is I thought I had it all together. I had a cute home, decent car, "'stable job" that paid well, and of course I was working my ass off for my beloved pension aka the Golden handcuffs. I was in debt, full of inflammation from toxins and stress. So when the universe presented me with an opportunity to 'tap out' I took it. I surrendered and let go, despite everyone calling me crazy, I knew I had to save myself. No one else was coming to save me!

And no, this was not easy. I went through the worst pain of my life making the decision to tap out. I literally gave up everything I knew to be normal to step into the unknown. I trusted my intuition and took a leap of faith. I changed my life's trajectory from barely surviving, unhealthy, broke in debt, crazy busy mom & nurse, to Thriving, Fit, Inspired, Creative, Wealthy Mom, Unregistered Nurse, Coach!

Here is the list of actions that I have taken over the last 2.5 years that has helped me find Peace, become Fit & fabulous at now age 46!


Little did I know that my nursing career was killing me slowly. as evidenced by my before and after photos. Dark circles under my eyes, full of inflammation and overweight.

The acute care hospital setting is one of the most challenging and demanding environments for a nurse. Nurses get treated like garbage from patients and the leadership team provide little to no support. Nurses are just a number. I was no. 635718185 The physical environment could kill a cock roach. Fluorescent light, massive amounts of emfs (electomagnetic fields) due to wifi, no natural light, the most toxic cleaning chemicals are used to clean the rooms, hand sanitizing constantly, and the latest craze, masking. The shift work, the long 12 hour shift with 3- 30 minute breaks, while being banned from drinking water on the floors. Nurses are very busy, we literally do not even have time to go pee let alone walk down to the staff room to drink water. The copious amounts of caffeine nurses drink, mixed in with big pharma. The whole cocktail is a disaster, and leads to a premature death. Nothing about nursing is healthy. Even though I have always prioritized health and fitness, even my body could not handle working in the hospital, which I now call the Slaughter House. Not only do hospitals kill their patients they also slow kill their staff, in stealth mode. If you are curious to know more about what the health 'Sick" care system, I encourage you to watch Cult of the Medics. Click here


I made the decision to remove caffeine May 2023. I quit Starbucks in August 2022 after finding out who owns Starbucks, Bill Gates, and then finding out Obesogens are in their paper take out cups. Obesogens make you obese, so ya, that was an easy habit to quit. See last blog 'Why I Broke Up with Caffeine' click here '. I will also include Jason Christoffs article "Little know facts about Coffee" click here It certainly didn't take much for me to say byeeee to caffeine! I know many people get pretty defensive when it comes to their 'coffee' but for me, I feel better, I look better, and I am more creative since quitting caffeine. So yes Joey, seriously NO COFFEE!


I didn't think I was a big drinker until I looked back at some of the pictures from my past. Oh boy! I was a hockey mom. Hockey moms are known for drinking, and that was me! I loved Red wine and my body sure did show it! In fact I quite possibly could have rolled my belly like the picture below. I stopped drinking in the fall of 2021. I knew I needed all the strength and mental capacity for the fight of my life. The stress of losing my career, selling my home and leaving Canada was pretty intense. Most people would have took up drinking during that time, but I knew intuitively, it was not the right way to cope. I suspect if I did turn to drinking to deal with the stress, the outcome would have been quite different.

I didn't drink too much in too much in Nicaragua one drink here and there. I met my boyfriend in 2022, at the time he was not drinking, which I admired so much. I was drinking a one sour ale every day. When he came to stay with me in early 2023 we both started to thoroughly enjoy Nicaraguas national beer Toña, I would say a bit too much. I cut down to having one beer again per day. December 31 2023, I enjoyed my last beer. I am now alcohol free. My body is loving that I have given up this habit! Everyday I feel stronger, more creative, more disciplined and motivated. This is the longest I have ever gone without alcohol in my life. It feels fantastic!

Bottom line is I have stopped alcohol because alcohol is a poison, it has no benefit whatsoever. Alcohol causes brain damage and weight gain among many more terrible side effects Click here


This was a big one for me. I was pretty angry with my country, workplace, with my colleagues whom I felt should have fought by my side. I have held on to years of anger from past relationships. Holding on to anger can cause dis-ease in our bodies. Anger is the emotion of the liver and gallbladder. When experiencing anger consistently, our liver can get damaged. An imbalanced liver can be caused by longstanding feelings of repressed anger such s frustration and irritability.

Once I was in a place to ask for forgiveness from those who I have wronged, and I forgave those who have wronged me, I literally felt a weight lifted, my heart became lighter and brighter. This took time and took me being with myself, by myself meditating and journalling. 'If it's heavy, LET IT GO! If it keeps you down, SET IT FREE! Don't get bitter LET IT BE'


I was raised without a tv for the first years of my life. My mother was vigilant about making sure we did not watch too much tv. Although we only had bunny ear tv stations, at times if she heard something bad on the tv she would run into the room and turn it off. Although I longed to be like the 'normal kids' in school. They watched Saturday morning cartoons with their captain crunch cereal, in the comfort of their furnace heated home. I can thank her now for making us pile wood, for our fireplace heated school house, on Saturday mornings after we ate her homemade granola with goats milk.

I certainly didn't watch tv series or the news like the average person, but I do know now that what I did watch was partly to blame for my programming. The TV is meant to program us. The TV was designed as a military weapon actually. This documentary explains how the TV is causing brain damage, and what it is actually doing to your subconscious mind while watching tv. Click here, Pseudology The Art of Lying


I had never travelled before embarking on our adventure to Nicaragua. I had no idea what was waiting for me. For once in my life I felt peace within. I was fortunate enough to sell my home when the market was super hot in Ontario. I became debt free, retired from my traditional nursing career, and left the matrix at age 43. I purchased a beautiful pacific home in cash. Many people my age do not know how it feels to be debt free. In fact debt is likely the reason many of my friends had to comply with the mandates. Which was all by design. Debt keeps people working at the job that is slowly killing them. Imagine your life if you had no debt? Now compare that to what your life is right now. I did what had to be done to get out of debt. Not everyone has the ability to do this. I sacrificed my comforts, my pride and made an incredibly difficult decision. It has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I am forever changed physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

I live well. I eat fruit and vegetables from my land. I eat meat that is raised humanely, drug free, grass fed. I eat raw dairy. I meditate daily. I exercise daily. I give thanks daily. I live a life of abundance, health, wealth with so much love! I treat my body like a temple. In turn my body speaks to me, and I am able to listen. I am FREE!

I was programmed to believe that I could never have true happiness or wealth. I am proof that it is absolutely possible. It takes work, discipline, motivation and most importantly reprogramming. It is possible for you as well! Health is the most important pillar of strength. If you need a place to start, focus on your health first. The stronger you get physically the stronger you will be emotionally, mentally & financially!

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As always I am here for you!

Peace & Love

Christofff Certified Self Sabotage Coach


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